Ne jouez pas !
Utilisez la meilleure qualité
du chêne et du hêtre européen !
Nos Exigences, Vos avantages
Don't play !
Use the best quality
oak and European beech !
Our Requirements, Your advantages


A R Bois was founded in 1997 by Mr. Van Den Hurk, CEO of the LP ROLLE group in the Netherlands.

At the beginning the main activity was the drying of oak.

Two years later, a commercial activity was added. A R Bois has always been drying and selling oak lumber and oak mismatched planks.

In 2001 we started our close collaboration with Pollmeier, world’s leading producer of beech lumber located in Germany. Thanks to this partnership, we have added the sale of beech lumber to our business and more recently, beech components!

In 2019, the company expanded with two new storage buildings with a surface area of 2500 m2 as well as new administrative offices. This allows us to sell today about 10000 m3 of oak and beech per year.